The Importance Of Preaching To The Converted

The Importance Of Preaching To The Converted

My friend Joe usually reads my posts.  Sometimes he’ll retweet or mention them, other times he won’t and I have to instantly call him to narcissistically question him like the Needy-WAG-Cancer-Friend I am.

When I’m not being “Too harsh” “Self-Righteous” or “A Little Bitch”, he often agrees with the content, but with one primary reservation – That I’m simultaneously preaching to the converted and the unconvertable.  So, in no way to personally attack Joe, (if I wanted to do that I’d amble up a tree and drop a big watermelon on his head) here’s why I advocate the vital importance of preaching to the converted:

We can not presume to correlate the billions of minute factors that combine towards change.  If a parliamentary or ballot vote creates a change in the law, a discussion at one voter’s Dad’s wake is as much a contributing factor as another voter’s former school bully’s interest in FailArmy’s YouTube channel.

A column mocking Jeb Bush for his ridiculous gun tweet  (rather than for having both fore and surnames meaning “genitals”) won’t ripple through Texas like a fluid metaphorical amnesty, swallowing firearms to ceremoniously offload into the Gulf of Mexico, thereby marking the commencement of a giant castrated Hoedown.  But it may prompt you or I to vow to oppose violence with more passion, or to more consciously demonstrate our pacifism.  If so, that plays as much a (tiny but crucial) part in America outlawing guns in 40 years’ time, as your quinquennial vote plays in choosing specifically which set of egotistical halloumi-faced freaks half-melt into Westminster.

Vital, natural inclinations such as friendship, narrative, hero worship and humour collectively desensitise us to difficult ideas.  For example, (and this is a positive – a thought-enabling, not thought-controlling component) my prepubescent exposure to the idea of abortion in Eastenders, family rumour and The Marshall Mathers LP, is one of many enabling factors of my adult pro-choice view.  This view of mine is a tangential, minuscule contributor to the Irish vote on abortion.  A factor of butterfly-wing-flap proportions, maybe, though having readers and Irish family helps.  Abortion legalisation, (along with the un-demonising of contraception), in those worldwide places still capsuled in the Creampie Ages, will significantly ease one element of the cycle of poverty – In that people are empowered to control their reproductive cycle rather than be chained to an animal cycle.

There is only one solution to the uncertainty of consequences, both immediate and ultimate.  When there will coexist truth and deceit, good and bad, confusion and ignorance and intelligence and marketing and motive and friends and enemies and art and sport and words and money and sex and ego, the answer is to forget your “audience”, be truthful, and compassionate, speak responsibly, be who you are, do what you do, and let change take care of itself.


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